Relationship Therapy

for couples, family members, and partnerships


Strengthen Your Emotional Bond

What we now know through research is that we humans are wired for connection. We may get scared, angry, or hurt, but underneath we almost all want to have relationships where we feel seen, heard and valued.  Being a part of a couple creates a tremendous opportunity to experience that connection and to heal whatever has been preventing it. I approach both people in the relationship with empathy and compassion while maintaining focus on their moment to moment emotions.  I assist partnered, married and separated couples in exploring the possibilities for their relationship.








As a certified Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT) for Couples, I assist couples in collaborative process to:

  • Become aware of negative patterns that have developed between them
  • Move to creating positive interactions where each partner: 
    • Expands and becomes more of who they want to be themselves
    • Relates differently to their partner
    • Becomes a source of security, protection, and comfort for the other

What Are You Waiting For?

Explore the possibilities for you relationship with services designed for couples.


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