Therapy for Individuals

Become more of who you really are in a safe, caring, confidential environment.


Become More of Who You Really Are

Individual therapy gives you the opportunity to reflect on and examine your relationship with yourself and others as well as explore the patterns, beliefs, fears, and insecurities of past and present experiences. Individual therapy is a collaborative process in a safe and welcoming environment designed to support you in becoming more of who you really are.

Often, people come to therapy because they are struggling with personal issues that affect their sense of joy, happiness, motivation, and relationships, in their work or personal life.  

We begin by understanding your present circumstances and your personal history, and together work to create goals that are meaningful to you. In individual therapy, we explore life patterns that block you from feeling connection, freedom, energy and growth with yourself and others.

As a result of individual therapy, you can develop a greater sense of well being, make more satisfying choices, and create a life with more peace, joy and contentment. Whether you want to to deepen your personal growth, work on a specific issue or break negative patterns that block you from living your highest and best life, individual therapy can help.

The work I do with clients is a journey to healing and wholeness. I look forward to supporting and encouraging you through your journey.










As your individual therapist, I will assist you to:

  • Become aware of negative patterns that have developed in your life
  • Eliminate self-sabotage
  • Develop a greater sense of well being

  • Enjoy more positive self talk
  • Make more satisfying choices

  • Create a life with more peace, joy and contentment

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Explore the possibilities for your individual journey.


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