Collaborative Divorce

I work with couples to help them create the most ideal outcome for their family through separation and divorce.


Why Couples Choose Collaborative?

Marriages sometimes end but families are forever. Creating a long-lasting plan for your family is imperative to a successful life both emotionally and financially after divorce. The Collaborative Process provides an opportunity to take control, make decisions, consider financial options, and create a durable plan that will secure the future of your family.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

The Collaborative Law Process is a clearly-defined team approach that takes place in a confidential and private environment. The team consists of you and your spouse, each of your attorneys, a mental health neutral, and a financial neutral. The goals and interests of the individuals are explored and the couple decides what their family needs - not a judge.

How I Work With You Collaboratively.

You and your spouse make a commitment to each other and your family TODAY that you will approach divorce in a positive and respectful manner which will minimize the negative impact on you and your children. Contact my office and take the first step toward making the best decision for your family’s future today.

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